The Debt Management Program offered by Canadian Credit Counsellors is designed to help you get back on track and out of debt. CCC can help guide you to a household budget you can live with while implementing repayment plans with your creditors which strive to maximize your available resources toward the ultimate elimination of the balances owed.

Your first credit counselling or budgeting session is always free. If you choose to start a Debt Management Program, a small fee will be built into your monthly payment.

Our Professional counsellors will go through a Debt Analysis with you and will help to identify all possible solutions to your debt problem.

If we determine that we need to tailor a debt arbitration plan that satisfies your needs and approve you for our program, we will go to work on it immediately. We will contact your creditors and inform them that you have retained us to represent you. Your creditors will be asked to cease all communications with you and direct all future communications to our office. This will remove any stress associated with your problem debt while we are arbitrating on your behalf. We are successful because we carefully tailor a debt negotiating action plan for each client. Our expertise alone will guarantee your success. Your success also depends on a total commitment on your part. You must work with us to form a partnership to eliminate your debt. Sometimes creditors either reject or make counter proposals. While we have good working relationships with all credit grantors, local and national, their participation is voluntary and we can’t guarantee that every creditor will co-operate. If necessary, new proposals and budgets are developed and submitted as quickly as possible.

Canadian Credit Counsellors will make every effort to ensure a smooth and timely transition into your Debt Management Program.

We will not “sell you” into a Debt Management Program if it is not appropriate for your situation.

  • We treat our clients fairly and with the respect they deserve.
  • We do not sugar-coat the truth.
  • Primary Mission: To help the consumer avoid bankruptcy by dissolving their debt in the fastest time possible within a manageable budget.

Contact our office for an appointment at no charge or obligation. We’ll work with you to develop a realistic budget and often suggest ways to affect savings. Sometimes that’s all you need to get your finances in order. “We are not here to reprimand you”.


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